Join Our Tribe

Hey there! We’ve been having so much fun interacting with y’all and sharing our journey. We’ve gotten so many questions and comments we wanted to find a fun way to give you more. So here’s what we’ve come up with! We’ve revamped our Patreon* page and are sharing exclusive content that just our tribe has access to.

*If you don’t know how Patreon works, it’s a monthly subscription platform for supporting your favorite creators. We have ours set for three levels of participation. By default, the wording says “per week” but in the settings you determine how often you contribute.


fantastic folks

At this level you get to see our weekly videos in a space where you can actually leave a comment. Since YT has taken that away on our channel, this is a nice perk of being a patron. We keep all of our posts private, which means only fellow patrons can see your comments.

In addition, we are writing a weekly Captain’s Log. We’ll share what’s happening in real time each week. You’ll get to hear news, give us input, and more.

All Patrons will also receive a couple of Spoondrifter Stickers and advance copies of e-books we’re writing.

Folk singers

You will receive all the benefits of our Fantastic Folks that are listed above.


You have access to our Exclusive Monthly Video Series. In this series we are sharing an in depth conversation about topics we get asked about often. Head over to our Patreon page to see a schedule of the next year’s topics.

In addition we want to thank all of our singers for their support by sharing your names in our video credits.

Folk hero

Oh man! You are truly a hero when you support us at this level. We have difficulty figuring out how to express our gratitude.

You will receive all the benefits of our Fantastic Folks that are listed above.


A super duper exclusive t-shirt, created for such an amazing person as yourself AND a one on one video chat with us.