Living an Extraordinary Life One Ordinary Day at a Time

established in 1989


Todd and Tammy Smith have been married for nearly 30 years. They started their family in Todd’s hometown of Payson UT.

In 1996 they moved their family of five to Alaska to start a new adventure. Todd built a thriving contracting business and Tammy became a licensed midwife. Their family grew in size, evolving into a homeschooling family of twelve.

Along the way they realized that their hopes and dreams didn’t fit into a traditional box. They believed hard work and vision could change the future. Todd and Tammy were determined to become debt free and build a home without a mortgage, Together with the help of their children they cleared property and built a home.

Over the years wanderlust and cold temperatures had Tammy looking for something different. She opened a photography studio and began to teach others how to tell the stories they saw through their lens. This led to a nationwide tour. Traveling for seven months pulling their home behind them Tammy helped others reach their photography goals.

Once back in Alaska Todd and Tammy began their search in earnest. They knew they wanted to live completely outside the proverbial box. They dreamed bigger, simplified, set goals, became obsessed, and believed!

They started creating online businesses, looking for location independent income opportunities, and planning their escape.

At last, they hit the road again. Alaska will always be home, but new adventures keep them learning and exploring much of the year.

Crisscrossing the country they’ve had four kids get married, welcomed five grand babies and currently they have four children still at home.

In the summer of 2018 they purchased a 46’ hurricane damaged sailboat. Together as a family of six they are rebuilding it, learning to sail, and preparing to sail around the world.

Welcome to their story!