Are you looking for a roadmap, a sign post, directions that will help you shift off the path you’re on and move toward the life of your dreams? Do you have a spouse and kids? Are you frustrated trying to find your way out of the box society says you must exist within?

I remember the feeling. I searched, read, and watched everything I could find desperately trying to find the answers that would allow me to live the life I was dreaming of WITH my family. So many websites, blogs, and videos are about young people without kids stepping outside the box and chasing the dreams I wanted to chase… so much of their experiences wouldn’t work for a family and even when I could find a couple with kids, they didn’t share the elusive information I needed to see into the darkness and around the bend in the path ahead.

That all changes today! You’ve found us and we’re determined to raise our light high and illuminate the path we’ve trod. We will share everything we know. If you don’t see the answer to your question, please ask and we’ll do our best to give you an answer that helps. It’s time the world knows that dreams don’t end when you have a family… in fact, it’s even better when you can share your journey with the next generation. Raising kids on the road less traveled gives us the opportunity to truly change the world!


7 steps to living your dream

Dream bigger

Let yourself imagine your life as if you’re old looking back. What would you miss? What would you regret? What could have been different? Is the path you’re on now leading you where you want to go?


First things first

When we look at our life, there are always things we wish we were doing better at. Nagging thoughts that remind us where our priorities need to be. Fix these. Put attention on the people and actions your heart is pulling you toward.


make a choice

For most of us, life isn’t about choosing between good and bad. It’s about choosing between lots of good choices. But one cannot serve two masters, walk two roads, etc. You have to choose.


simplify everything


After you choose, it gets much easier to prioritize everything. Curate your life. Everything is on the cutting table. Does it bring you joy? Does it have a place in the life you have planned?


There is a lie that you’ve been told about balance. You can’t juggle everything all at once. You must put attention in the places where you want to see change.

be obsessed


This is the secret that unlocks all the doors. Financial freedom starts when you aren’t paying interest. When you are able to use your income to create the life you want, instead of the life you’ve already consumed.

get out of debt


Unfortunately, this can be the toughest step and without it… well things can be really hard. We must have hope that our plans and goals will come true. And this is created by your words. The ones you speak outloud and the ones floating around in your head.




Are you ready?

Not sure where to start? Feeling stuck? We mentor families who are looking to live their dreams! We draw from 30 years of experience running successful businesses, raising and homeschooling ten kids, and living a life of adventure to offer thoughtful guidance unique to your individual situation.

Common areas we can help:

  • minimalism

  • choosing which dream to follow

  • traveling with kids of all ages

  • choosing a method of travel

  • financing your dreams

  • tiny homes

  • family life in tiny spaces

  • homeschooling

  • natural childbirth and health

  • reaching your goals

How does it work?

Mentoring starts with a video call where we’ll chat about your needs and how we can help. We’ll add you to our private facebook group, and set up a weekly schedule to chat about progress, challenges, and next steps.

To get started message us for availability and we will send you a PayPal invoice.


Monthly $99
Three months $250
Six months $450

You Can Do It!

We believe in you! Sometimes having support is half the battle when you’ve got a BIG crazy dream that most people around you can’t imagine chasing. Where there’s a will there’s a way and we’re excited to help you find your path!