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One Time Donations: “buy us ice cream”

If you like our videos and want to keep ’em coming send us a few bucks.  It’s super easy and will go 100% towards supporting our videos, getting Spoondrifter in tip-top shape, and of course some sweet treats for the crew! (Lots of people will ask for beer, but since we don’t drink… well you get the point! LOL)

Money aside, we are grateful just to have you along for the ride. Thanks for watching, sharing, loving, laughing, and smiling. We hope our videos are a source of joy and positivity, and inspire you and yours to keep embracing the spray!



Sailing with Spoondrifter - join our crew

Sailing with Spoondrifter is a monthly subscription club we created to provide you with our best tips for achieving the life you're dreaming of. We chose to name this club, “Sailing with Spoondrifter” because it’s our way to better connect with you as if we're sitting around the boat chatting.  Each month we'll share video tutorials on how we achieved our dreams. We'll cover subjects like chasing a dream, becoming debt free, minimalism, traveling with kids, and more. You’ll get an invite to our private Facebook group where we go live to chat with you and share snippets of projects as they are happening. We'll also have giveaways, discounts on merchandise, and other special gifts from us to you!


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Merchandise For You!

We’ve created some great designs to help you show your enjoyment of our channel! We’ve added mugs, stickers, phone cases, and several t-shirt styles to our store. All profit will help us continue to share what we’re learning with you and keep the adventures coming. Looking for a discount? We offer them to our Patrons… check out the link above.



Amazon Wish List: send us something

One of the great thing about digital shopping is we can get almost anything we need online. Check out our wish list on Amazon and choose one of the things we need for our boat, for our trip, or just for fun. Amazon will package it up and send it to us asap! Easy Peasy! Don’t forget to drop us a note and give us a heads up that it’s coming so we can send you a personalized unboxing video and express our gratitude!