Capsule Wardrobe For My Kids


As we are getting closer to getting our sailboat in the water my mind has been twirling around the transition to living aboard. I don’t think we’re actually going to have that much trouble seeing how we’ve been living in 280 sq ft for the past few years. One of the things that has been on my mind is building a minimalist capsule wardrobe for each of us.

I define this as around 30-35 items. Underwear and socks count as one item. As we will be traveling on a boat with limited laundry facilities I want things that don’t need to ironed or special care and they should be able to be hand washed and line dried easily.

The benefits to using a minimalist, capsule wardrobe are:

  1. Mix and match to achieve many different outfits.

  2. Less laundry to wash. To take advantage of this one, requires that you wear your clothes more than once. That can be a challenge with kids. They just get messier than most of us adults. However, as my children have gotten older, we’re able to trim down the number of items in their wardrobe.

  3. Lasts more than one season. As we’re on a pretty tight budget, we haven’t had the option to buying as many high end clothing brands for our family. This comes with a cost… cheaper clothing items wear out, don’t come clean, and need replacing sooner. As we go forward, I’m going to be keeping an eye out for better quality brands as they go on sale, finding them in thrift shops, etc.

We plan to stay in warmer climates, but we realized this winter in Corpus Christi, Texas, that even though we call Alaska home, we quickly got used to the warm weather and needed cool weather gear to deal with temperatures we used to consider HOT.

Yesterday was Liberty’s birthday, and I used that as an excuse to round out the capsule wardrobe I’ve been working on for her.

Liberty’s Capsule Wardrobe:

  • (5) shorts

  • (2) capri leggings

  • (1) pair jeans

  • (5) short sleeves

  • (3) long sleeves

  • (2) swimsuits

  • (1) Sunday dress

  • (3) pairs of shoes

  • Not Pictured

  • (7) undies

  • (3) pairs of socks

  • (1) nightgown

  • (1) fleece jacket

  • (1) rain coat

These are nice outfits. And while I realize that kids will play, get dirty, and ruin things I’ve kept a couple older outfits just for working on the boat because the work we’re still doing is messy and she likes to help.

Looking at these clothes today, I’m thinking that the dress needs to be something different that is easy to hand wash and store folded up - so when she outgrows, or ruins this dress (let’s be honest - that happens) we’ll look for something different.

Abigail’s birthday is next month, so I’ll be finishing up her wardrobe. I’ll share what we ended up with for her in a new post.

Do you have any tips or tricks? What have I missed? What are you favorite brands that last more than one season?