When Life Slows Down

"I'm so busy... I'll get around to that when things slow down."

I've heard AND said this phrase many times over the years.

As my kids have grown life just keeps getting faster - when does that elusive time come when I can get to those things I want to do when "things slow down?"

My dad once told me that life never slows down, that in fact it just keeps getting faster and faster the older we get. As a parent I can definitely understand that perspective as I blink and my baby is seven years old - when did that happen? It sure happened a lot faster than my first child reached that age.

So while we get lots of mainstream social proof that life just keeps spinning faster and faster, and being busy is almost a badge of honor these days I've found that we actually have more control than we think we do.

I believe that life feels busy and goes by so quickly when we're not being present to the moments that are happening all around us. This time of year we are very focused on new planners, calendars, and goals... our vision is focused on the future. We are also reviewing what happened in the past, what we accomplished, what goals we missed, what we could have done better. But how much time do we spend thinking about what's happening right now? Are we aware of time as it's passing? Are we choosing how we spend that time with purpose and thought?

I read The Unbusy Manifesto by Jonathan Fields a while ago and it changed something deep inside. I KNEW it was true and determined to live by the ideals embodied in it. I invite you to click on the picture below, read the manifesto and join the Unbusy revolution.