The DONE List


Goals, Dreams, Bucket lists… This time of year we’re often reviewing our life for what goals we didn’t reach, and looking forward toward what we still need or want to do… I’ve made several of these lists in the past few days and I admit to feeling a little overwhelmed... Thoughts of inadequacy and doubt have crept into my heart as I'm trying to make grand plans for the new year. What is a worthy goal? Can I do it? Will i follow through? Should I try again? In the middle of the night last night my eyes popped open with a new thought… what if I made a list of everything I’ve already accomplished? A kind of reverse bucket list…A DONE list. A celebration of what I've done instead of a wish list of what is still left to do!

Maybe you don't struggle with such feelings, if so feel free to move along… but if you have perfectionist tendencies like me, you often feel like you’re peddling super fast trying to catch up, get it all done, and create something important in your life. Looking around you tend to see how it didn’t turn out quite the way you wanted and are always striving for more. If that’s you, join me in this exercise of celebration! Grab a pen and paper and take some time today to write your DONE list. Go back as early as you can remember and write down anything and everything that pops into your head when you think, “what have I done?” Don’t group things together; deconstruct everything, list things you’ve done, places you've gone, skills you’ve learned, and experiences you’ve had. No matter how small or insignificant, put it on the list! Need help? Check out bucketlist.organd see how many things other people are hoping to do that you’ve already accomplished.

What's the point? Our brain is looking for evidence, proof that we can do what we're hoping, dreaming, and planning for our future... or proof that we can't. What kind of evidence are we providing? If we're reviewing all of our shortcoming and failures that will provide the proof our brain needs to give up... to continue the pattern. What a DONE list does is provide your brain with evidence that you’re pretty cool, that you do get things done, and that 2018 is going to be no exception!!

Here’s my list:

✔ Learn to play the piano ✔ Learn to play the clarinet ✔ Learn to swim ✔ Snorkel in Hawaii ✔ Parasail on the beach in Mexico ✔ Raft the Snake River ✔ Ride a horse through the Teton Mountains ✔ Visit Disneyland ✔ Drive a Snowmobile (or snowmachine, whichever you prefer) ✔ Drink coconut water from a fresh coconut ✔ Go hunting ✔ Climb a tree ✔ Ride in a Dogsled ✔ See the Aurora Borealis ✔ Climb on a glacier ✔ Learn to Skii ✔ Pan for Gold ✔ Backpack over a mountain ✔ Visit Old Faithful in Yellowstone Park ✔ Catch a fish ✔ Graduate High School ✔ Sing in a musical ✔ Learn to drive a stick ✔ Go to the top of the Space Needle ✔ Learn to sew ✔ Travel alone ✔ Work on a political campaign ✔ Drive the Alaska Highway (12 times) ✔ Cruise Prince William Sound ✔ See a bear in the wild ✔ See a moose in the wild ✔ Learn to shoot a gun ✔ Attend BYU ✔ Raise money for a charity ✔ Explore an underground cave ✔ Rock climb ✔ Kiss a boy ✔ Get Married ✔ Visit Coronado Island ✔ Have kids (10 of them in fact) ✔ Own a house ✔ Buy a new car ✔ Grow a garden ✔ Visit The Great Salt Lake ✔ Attend the LDS Temple ✔ Hike in the Grand Canyon ✔ Make love in a park ✔ Learn to ride a motorcycle ✔ Explore Moab off road ✔ Have a home birth ✔ Have a water birth ✔ Start a homeschool group ✔ Homeschool my kids ✔ Bake a pie from scratch ✔ Learn to start a campfire ✔ Learn CPR ✔ Host a conference ✔ Deliver my own baby unassisted (3 times) ✔ Become a licensed midwife ✔ Help deliver a baby (over 150) ✔ Build a house ✔ Learn to tow a trailer ✔ Donate blood ✔ Attend a concert ✔ Housetrain a puppy ✔ Roadtrip across America ✔ Drive through Big Sur ✔ Visit Yosemite ✔ Hike through the Redwoods ✔ Drive across the Golden Gate Bridge ✔ Swim in the ocean ✔ Visit Navuoo ✔ Visit Carthage Jail ✔ Drive through Glacier National Park ✔ Adopt a dog from a shelter ✔ Camp in a tent ✔ Travel in an RV ✔ Tow a trailer across the US and Canada ✔ Slurped Oysters ✔ Eat dried Squid ✔ Put chains on a vehicle ✔ Build a snowman ✔ Raise goats ✔ Have backyard chickens ✔ Experience an earthquake ✔ Roast a marshmallow over a fire ✔ Send a son on an LDS mission (3 of them) ✔ Become a professional photographer ✔ Have a successful photography studio ✔ Tour the US teaching others photography ✔ Excavate with a bobcat ✔ Become a certified firearms instructor ✔ Start a podcast ✔ Be a guest on a podcast ✔ Build a website ✔ Start a blog ✔ Start a business ✔ Lose 50 pounds ✔ Help others lose over 1000 pounds ✔ Experienced -60 degrees ✔ Swim in the Gulf of Mexico ✔ Visit the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans ✔ Nurse a baby for more than 6 months ✔ Learn to french braid hair ✔ Live in 300 sq ft with 9 people ✔ Fly with kids alone ✔ Roadtrip with kids alone ✔ Visit Carlos Bakery ✔ Walk down Wall Street ✔ Pray in the Sacred Grove ✔ Attend the Palmyra Temple ✔ Hike the Hill Cumorah ✔ Walk through Central Park ✔ Visit Times Square ✔ Ride the Subway in NYC ✔ Stroll the Mall in DC ✔ Take a ballroom dance class ✔ Climb the stairs at the Lincoln Memorial ✔ Stare into the reflection pool at the Washington Monument ✔ View the Declaration of Independence and US Constitution ✔ Visit the library of Congress ✔ Visit the Smithsonian ✔ See the Liberty Bell ✔ Tour Independence Hall ✔ Climb the “Rocky Stairs” ✔ Visit the largest Bass Pro in America ✔ Ride on a train ✔ Take a ferry ride ✔ See the Statue of Liberty ✔ Cross the Brooklyn Bridge ✔ See Amish driving buggies ✔ Pick fruit off a tree ✔ Learn to use chopsticks ✔ Eat a philly cheesesteak in Philadelphia ✔ Visit the Alamo ✔ Visit Pebble Beach Golf Course ✔ Watch them toss fish at Pike’s Place Market ✔ Tour a lighthouse ✔ Watch Seals play ✔ Hike in Zion’s National Park ✔ Gamble in Las Vegas ✔ Learn to square dance ✔ Camp alone in the woods ✔ Host MAG 40 ✔ Pass MAG 30 ✔ Pass Rangmaster's Instructor Course ✔ Take Cornered Cat Instructor Course ✔ Speak in public ✔ Change a flat tire ✔ Ride a zipline ✔ Ride an alpine slide ✔ Sit in a hot spring ✔ Walk on the Great Wall of China ✔ Stroll through The Forbidden City ✔ Ride the Bullet Train in Japan ✔ Eat Dinner in Hong Kong ✔ Visit the DMZ in South Korea ✔ See a panda bear in China ✔ Walk the streets of Shanghai ✔ Carry a gun in public ✔ See a Cirque de Soleil Show ✔ Cook without a recipe ✔ Kiss under mistletoe ✔ Fly first class ✔ Give money to a homeless person ✔ Learn to pick handcuffs ✔ Learn to meditate ✔ Attend Oktoberfest ✔ Skinny Dip ✔ Paddle a canoe ✔ Ride in a small plane ✔ Go clam digging ✔ Ride a roller coaster ✔ Shoot a machine gun

So what’s your list look like? I’d LOVE to see it so drop a link or write it in the comments! Let's keep the ball rolling and continue to be amazing! Let's celebrate our actions, the failures and the successes, because when we look back at the end of our life, whether you failed or succeeded won't matter as much as you tried! Onward into 2018!!