Must Have Features When Shopping for a Family Sailboat

Many people would probably have a lot more to say about this than we do. Our “must have list” isn’t actually very long… we hired a consultant to help us with this part of our journey, and they keep asking for more “must have items” to help us narrow our search. The reality is that I’ll take just about anything that meets these parameters.

Our List:

  • Bluewater Capable

  • Over 42 feet long

  • Have three cabin/sleeping spaces - separate from the living area

  • Center Cockpit

  • Passageway to all Cabins Below Deck

  • Allow everyone their own bed

  • Affordable - we won’t finance this adventure

The only thing on here that is flexible is the center cockpit. The biggest issue on this list is the last one. Affordable.

How we are thinking about “Affordable” is probably different than many other families looking at purchasing a sailboat. Most are thinking, can I afford the payments? Not us. We mean can we afford to purchase and outfit the boat for crossing oceans with the money we’ve received from the sale of our home? This is our budget, and we are committed to a debt free lifestyle. So whatever the price of the boat, we also have to consider any work and equipment it will need into the equation.

This is making boat shopping HARD because our budget is only $100,000.

We’re beginning to entertain the idea of a project boat. This options means a lot more time and work before we’re sailing away, but ultimately we would know our boat inside and out.

We found a sailboat that is of the type and style that we’re interested in. It checked a lot of the boxes on our “must have list” but the price is high. Considering that it’s been abandoned, we’re hoping, if it’s a good option that the price is flexible.