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One Year Later

It’s hard to believe it’s been a year since we purchased our boat! What a wild ride…

I seriously never thought it was going to take this long to get all of her systems put back together and ready to sail. People will tell you it’s going to take longer than you expect - but I never put much stock in what other people say so here we sit…

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Sailing into Our Future

We went sailing for the first time ever today!! It was AMAZING.  

Over the years I have refused to live near water always imagining one of my ten children slipping away and drowning while I wasn't looking. Todd now is shocked to hear me begging for a sailboat.

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Boondocking at the Beach

A couple days boondocking on the beach? Heck yeah!!  

Todd had a roof to install on an RV that was near Galveston this week. We looked at campgrounds nearby and were not surprised to see them prohibitively expensive (including a kid tax which is charged per child).

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Rediscovering Joy

As I stared up into the lemon tree hunting for fruit that hadn't been plucked, seven voices begged to be the first to use the basket on a stick I was holding in my left hand. In that moment the life I've been chasing found me.

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Our Home on Wheels

You may or may not have caught on to the fact that we are traveling in a travel trailer with five of our ten kids as we explore the United States. We have a long history of adventurous road trips over the years starting with our honeymoon when we drove from Mesa, Arizona to the Grand Canyon and on to our first home in Utah.  

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