Boondocking at the Beach


A couple days boondocking on the beach? Heck yeah!!  

Todd had a roof to install on an RV that was near Galveston this week. We looked at campgrounds nearby and were not surprised to see them prohibitively expensive (including a kid tax which is charged per child). There was a state park nearby but no reservations available for the weekend. I'd been dreaming of camping on the beach with waves crashing in my ears as I drifted to sleep and this was my chance! I told Todd we'd just try it, if we hated it there were spots at the state campground for the weekdays.

We chose Brazoria Country Beach because it was close to Todd's job and FREE! It was clean, had outhouses and garbage cans at regular intervals. We have two Yamaha 2000 generators to keep our batteries and electronics charged. We use these one at a time, (they can be used in tandem for more power) and cook, heat water, and run the refrigerator on propane while boon docking. We also use paper plates, cups, and plastic silverware to conserve water.

It was overcast but warm when we arrived. The kids headed straight for the water which felt like bathwater. One of the nice things about this area of beach is how shallow it is for great distances. This meant the kids could play in the surf as long as they didn't go above their waist... we were warned to be wary of under currents. 

After two amazing days we cancelled our reservations at the state campground and spent the remainder of the week in this magical place.