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We are documenting our efforts to rebuild a hurricane damaged sailboat and sail it around the world as a family. Having never been on a sailboat before deciding to buy one, our learning curve is steep! Check out our videos and cheer us on as we tackle boat projects and learn new things.

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We Believe:

1. You don’t have to live your life the way other people expect you too.

2. Families are important.

3. There is usually more than one way.

4. The world is a good place.

5. Helping others solves your own problems.

6. Living an unconventional life changes generations.

7. Less is always more.

8. Keep it simple.

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Our Story

Yes, we have ten children! Over the years we’ve had lots of adventures! We moved to Alaska, built our own home, and grew our family, our businesses, and ourselves. It was April 2013 when we made the decision to leave that home for an even BIGGER adventure! We traveled in an RV across the US for five years and now we are rebuilding a hurricane damaged sailboat that will take us around the world. You can read more of our background and get to know us on our About Page.

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Our Instagram has become a treasure of family memories from all our adventures. We’re so grateful for those that have joined our journey and we hope to always be a source of inspiration for your next adventure!

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